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Institut de diplomatie publique acts as a space to  test, model, and scale successful practices in sports diplomacy providing its resources for thought and analysis to serve stakeholders who develop, implement, or teach all aspects of sport and diplomacy. 

sports diplomacy

We are creating this digital platform geared toward knowledge circulation among NSA,

focusing on three areas 

Sport Stadium


Promotion of Sport and Its Values as a Public Diplomacy Tool

We explore the use of sports as a tool to build bridges, promote dialogue, and foster cooperation through partnerships


Sport for Sustainable Development: Designing Effective Public Diplomacy Programmes

 We focus on the intentional use of sport as a tool in advancing sustainable development to benefit under-represented, under-served communities and minority groups


Intersection Of Sports, Science, Health, Law ,Tech and Public Diplomacy

We explore and discuss the role of the growing sports ecosystem

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The Institute develops programming and experiences connecting international relations and education - with a special focus on the role that non-State actors can play.

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Interested in partnering with the Institute to explore global innovativediplomacy approaches and practices in your own context or in embarking on bold new initiatives? From hosting workshops to designing experiments and conducting systemic reviews, the Institute welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with you.

At the Institute, we’re working towards a more sustainable world.
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