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Migration diplomacy

In international relations, migration diplomacy is 'the use of diplomatic tools, processes, and procedures to manage cross-border population mobility, including 'both the strategic use of migration flows as a means to obtain other aims, and the use of diplomatic methods to achieve goals related to migration.

Migration has come to constitute an increasingly-important area of states' engagement with one another, with bilateral multilateral strategies including the promotion or discouragement of bilateral migratory flows; agreements on preferential treatment to certain foreign nationals; the initiation of guest-worker programmes or other short-term labor migration schemes; the deportation of foreign nationals; and so on.

Current crises are increasing migration pressures with complex implications. An estimated 286 million people live outside of their countries of birth, including 32.5 million refugees.

We Are Living in a Time of Unprecedented Migration

In recent years, migration dynamics have significantly evolved. This trends in migration have been driven by factors such as income gaps, demographic imbalances, climate change and conflict. 

The Institute supports global efforts to promote safe, orderly, and regular migration.

We argue that one role in this critical juncture can be played by public diplomacy practitioners. 

We at the Institute express our concern about the massive increase in migratory flows and the lack of guarantees for the protection of rights of those affected, and in particular the most vulnerable, such as children, women and adolescent girls.


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