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Media-Broker Diplomacy

MBD is the involvement of journalists in international conflict resolution. Journalists are now taking on direct and indirect mediation responsibilities in complex international conflicts as a result of the information and communication revolution.

MBD presents a conceptual model that applies theories and models from both negotiation and communication. Each variant of the model—direct intervention, bridging, and secret mediation— contributes to conflict resolution in a different way.

The model also includes three parameters: action, initiation, and consequences.

involvement of journalists in international conflict resolution.

Services for Journalists

Amplifying Underrepresented Voices in Global Discussions through Public Diplomacy

Connect with experts and discover the latest research news inscience, health, HR, and business.

We encourage experts from across all disciplines of science and a variety of backgrounds — including gender identity, race and ethnicity, geographic location, level of postgraduate seniority, and other factors – to JOIN the Institute.



As a scientist, you have the topical expertise that can help journalists use your scientific knowledge, methods, and principles, understand the latest evidence, and put it into context. The Institute seeks a variety of pathways to interact with journalists covering topics in the field of sustainable development, IR, and public diplomacy.  And if you’re interested in getting more practice, we are also here to help you improve your communication opportunities.

instituto de diplomacia publica


The Institute explores challenges to a closer relationship between scientists and NGO practitioners and applying scientific innovation and models of collective action as the best ways to manage the cross-disciplinary, cross-institutional partnerships needed for the achievement of sustainable development goals. As a scientist, you have the topical expertise that can help NGOs use scientific knowledge to solve real-world problems.

public diplomacy


The Institute seeks to link knowledge to decision-making by integrating science with social dimensions, including the social and cultural contexts; stakeholder engagement; the role of social capital, and incorporation of innovative scientific research into decision-making and policy. As a scientist, you have the topical expertise that can help decision-makers use scientific knowledge to solve real-world problems and make informed decisions.


इस भाषा में अभी तक कोई पोस्ट प्रकाशित नहीं हुई
पोस्ट प्रकाशित होने के बाद, आप उन्हें यहाँ देख सकेंगे।

Explore our latest participation in events on Journalism, PR and Media Trend

On the 13-15th of November, Ngozi Franca Okoye, Doctor/PhD member of the Institut de diplomatie publique, took part in the conference "Tackling disinformation: Strengthening democracy through information integrity" organised by the OECD’s Public Governance Directorate.

Anne-Claire Legendre, Spokesperson and Director of Communications and Press at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, open the OECD conference by taking part in a high-level round-table discussion on "Towards a common framework to tackle disinformation and strengthen information integrity", which was also attended by Julianne Seifert, Secretary of State at the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany, and Eileen Donahoe, President Biden’s Special Envoy for Digital Freedom.

In the conference highlighted  priorities:
- Improving our capacity to detect, analyse and respond to the threats of disinformation and misinformation;
- Supporting media resilience, education to media and freedom of information ;
- Introducing stronger regulations, particularly for social media platforms, to ensure that they operate responsibly and prevent the dissemination of disinformation or harmful content.

Help us improve our work

We are glad to inform you that leading to the next virtual meeting we gather your input on the current and future planned work of the Institute.  Those who have not yet had a chance to complete the survey, we urge you to do so as we are keen to learn about your views in going forward together.

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